Marcella's Unique Approach

Why a LIFE Coach?

I was a college athlete with a healthy body that could perform and compete but when I became a mom, I lost my healthy sense of who I was.  My daughter Campbell was born with special needs and healthy twin boys Spencer and Davis followed 2 years later.  Motherhood responsibility, grief in watching Campbell struggle, and stress of running my own yoga studio began to overwhelm me.  The one thing I could control and perfect was my body so that no one would see that I was fracturing.  Punishing exercise, restrictive eating and “screw it all” binges numbed me from feeling hurt, failure and despair.  Yoga teacher training with addiction recovery expert Rolf Gates laid a foundation of spiritual practice and understanding the mind, body and spirit connection.  My mind and spirit were on the mend but my body image issues had me falling into the same ruts again and again.


The Moment Everything Changed For Me

My life looked “great” from the outside… but inside there was a feeling of not measuring up and a sense that my body didn’t reflect the truest expression of who I am.  I realized it was time to make peace with my body, ditch the old limiting beliefs and end the self-sabotage for good! Every day the one relationship we are confronted with is our relationship to our body and I was ready for that journey toward healing. The path to becoming a Health Coach was clear and yet I hesitated.  Self-doubt might have kept me from my destiny but I knew in my heart that I had no choice but to live the life I was born to live.  I took a chance and a leap of faith and am grateful every day that I did!

Now loving my body isn’t a daily struggle but a celebration of gratitude. Healthy eating used to be about constantly measuring myself and competing. Today, it is natural, easy and fun! I have energy and joy to give to my loved ones. The best part is I get to walk around in a body that is not perfect but was perfectly designed for me.