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I combine transformational coaching methods with psychic insights to attract love, money and health.


Just Released

Does This Divorce Make Me Look Fat?

A stirring spiritual memoir and a powerful self-help guide for anyone whose private life and inner turmoil have moved from secret struggle to public shame in the aftermath of divorce.


When Marcella Webster's life was turned inside-out after a heartbreaking divorce, she realized that the greatest hurt encountered in losing her husband was discovering how long it had been since she had truly seen herself. Feeling stripped back, vulnerable, and exposed, Marcella was faced with a choice: to continue striving for external perfection to hide the messiness she felt inside or transform her worn-out patterns of self-abandonment into a magical, soul-affirming plan for living. 


Once afraid to express her deepest fears, Marcella is now sharing her steps to get real, face the truth, and discover the love that's been waiting for us all along.




I'm so glad you're here, and can't wait to connect with you. My name is Marcella and I began my professional energy work as a 500 ERYT yoga instructor and studio owner in 2012. There I focused on reading the body and chakras to release stuck energy patterns in my students. My innate passion for health and wellbeing led to health coaching, with a specialty in body image issues.

Expanding my expertise to life coaching allowed me to coach on every aspect of wellbeing including grief recovery, love and family relationships. Using my lifelong ability to tap into psychic guidance, I honed my intuition with psychic training under GOOP’s Deganit Nuur and Reiki Master Caitlin Marino to blend coaching with spiritually guided insights.

In addition to coaching, I offers talks and workshops. When I'm not working, you can find me on my mountain bike, taking a trail run or hanging with my three teenage children. 


"We are here to awaken - to love deeply, to live gently, to let go gracefully. When we resonate our authentic self to the world, we become the light we have been looking for."


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Reiki is universal life force energy that clears energy blockages, restores vitality and fosters a sense of deep peace and relaxation. Clients may sit or rest comfortably while the energy centers of the body are balanced, cleared and supported.


Reiki Energy Healing

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Traditional coaching methods are blended with psychic tools including uncovering energy blocks from past lives, healing the chakras, exploring potential opportunities coming into the client's field, and reading relationships to help the client master their destiny.


$250 FOR 75 MINUTES 

Intuitive Life Coaching

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For clients ready to manifest the life of their dreams. This coaching blends the right tools and techniques, the right support, and the right accountability with divinely guided psychic insights to transform unhealthy patterns into authentic, inspired behavior that attracts deep and lasting loving relationships, financial abundance, career satisfaction and optimal health.


90 Day Total Transformation

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Marcella merges the an empowering coach approach with intuitive guidance talents. She also brings deep wisdom and compassion to every session. This combo is unique, powerful and absolute magic!


- Honor H. Cert. Psychological Fitness Specialist, Writer

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